Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Ramblings of mid-Summer

The weather... we have been to the beach a grand total of two times this summer. What is up with the June-gloom lasting like ALL of July and into August?? I cannot stand going to the beach and wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt and shoes cause I'm freezing! We've got this guideline that if it's cloudy in BP, it certainly is going to be that much colder down the street with the ocean breezes. We make the sacrifice in June for Fathers Day, but man, by the first week of August you would think we would have gone at least two or three other times since then. Nope, just once more in June and not at all in July! Ugh. Well, at least we're not upping the odds of skin cancer this way. And when it's not gloomy we've got this monsoon humidity thing going on. Sure, they say there's lightning and thunderstorms, but that's way out in the desert. We just get the edges of mugginess sneaking in from Palm Springs. (Of course, those would be perfect days to go to the beach, but they usually occur smack in the middle of the work-week.)

The books... I have read TWO books! Never mind that I have like 25 more sitting here staring at me from the "library of Mom", but hey, I have read two books! Kids have read a total of like...zero. Well, except for Sammy, who reads two books a day practically. I remember doing that, back in the days BK. I want to take them to the library more, but that has become the death trap for us. The kids always check out 3-4 books each, and one inadvertantly gets lost and we get charged for it.

The kids... this is that lovely point of the summer where the kids are BORED and they call me every day at work to let me know it. Matt's a pro at calling me over and over and over and over until I pick up (hmmm, gets that from his DAD). Wonder if it's cause they are up at 6 friggin' 30 a.m. to jump on the PS2 (why cant we get a PS3????) and then stay up to watch reruns on TV every night. They can't be bothered to change out of their pajamas until right before we walk in the door, the trash cans and the kitchen sink are overflowing cause God forbid they do their chores before we get home, and there are popsicle sticks and half-full bottles of water everywhere in the house. Threats of bodily harm don't work when they are in this zone, only the threat of school starting back up with homework assignments on the first night. They have had their share of swimming at the park pool, visiting friends, campouts, summer camp, riding at the skate parks, seeing movies, sleepovers, Gameboys, Playstation, and Nintendo games, bike riding, skateboarding, and playing catch, but they are BORED.

The TV... am I the only person on the planet who is sooo ready for the fall TV season to start?? I mean, summer TV usually sucks anyway, but reality TV since the writer's strike is driving me CRAZY. That Japanese Game Show show is better than I thought, but come on. Bring on Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters, I can hardly wait !

The schools... Sammy is all signed up and ready to fly to Texas on Aug 30. We still have to get some school supplies put together, but he doesn't need to take any clothes with him - can you believe that?? PJs, tennis shoes (optional), and toiletries - that's it. Everything else will be issued to him day one. Sweet, don't need to buy school clothes for him! I'm rich! Wait. He's got the most expensive school clothes I have ever bought waiting for him. We pick up Kevin's registration packet for school this week. He is going to be a big bad eighth grader this year; Jacob is going to be a king-of-the-world sixth grader this year; while Matt finally is considered at the top of the lower grades.

The bills... they all go up in the summer. Daycare, electric bill, water bill, gasoline bill, food bill. Gotta remember to buy stock in the utilities in the SPRING, as I'm sure our high electric bills almost single-handedly put some big profits in someone's pockets this summer. Might as well be mine. Seems like every time I walk into a room, it's freezing cold cause someone played with the thermostat, and the lights/TV/VCR/computer/game are on, but no one's in sight. And food. Could my kids EAT any more? Thank goodness they still like Top Ramen, but please, make it stop!

30 days left... only 30 more days to get in some beach time, watch some concerts at the mall, celebrate a birthday, attend a wedding, attend an anniversary party, buy school supplies, clean out some more of 1309, plan a Cub Scout calendar, eat at Rubys on the pier, catch a movie, drive to Balboa for ice cream and a ferry ride, shred at the skate park, watch the fireworks at DL, play some more softball games, BBQ some carne asade, and break in the new margarita blender. Anyone want to join us, drop on by.

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